Sinterklaas visits ATO!

Last 30 of November, the ATO group had a nice surprise from Sinterklaas and its helpers. The group celebrated Sinterklaas in a fun (leuk) and pleasant (gezellige) atmosphere. We enjoyed playing the game of Sinterklaas together, eating cookies and celebrating the day together. In the game, we had the opportunity to give, take and even steal (in a friendly way) gifts from each other in a cheerful manner. In the end, everyone got at least one gift and several happy mugs were distributed. The cookies, pepernoten and other candies made this a sweetening day. We would like to thank all the participants and the organizers Alessandro Bombelli and Marcia Baptista. The support of Bruno Santos is also much appreciated. Next year we will have more surprises and an also a ‘gezellige’ Sinterklaas.