Heritage & Architecture

The research group Heritage & Architecture (HA) focuses on furthering heritage-based redesigns, including significance assessments and the conservation of built heritage. We achieve this by defining, developing, and testing integrated frameworks, interlinking heritage values, redesign principles, as well as innovative technologies and materials. Particular attention is devoted to the legacy of the 20th Century, whose future is increasingly considered. With its three chairs, based on the Values - Technology  – Design triangle, HA develops cross-disciplinary research,  at different scales, from urban to the material.

The chair of Heritage & Values (HV) focuses on the values defining heritage, their influence on the redesign principles, and, subsequently, the sustainability of cities and buildings. The chair of Heritage & Technology (HT) focuses on the technical analysis, diagnosis and design of compatible, durable and sustainable interventions in built heritage. Finally, the chair of Heritage & Design (HD) focuses on heritage-based redesigns, developing principles guided by heritage values and innovative technologies and materials, to master spatial and programmatic challenges in the architectural redesign. 

HA actively bridges research with education and practice, cooperating with professionals, NGOs, governmental institutions, industries and society. UNESCO and DOCOMOMO are key partners. Our students actively learn and contribute to furthering the state-of-the-art and reform practices to monitor and strengthen heritage conservation worldwide and enable a culturally responsible and sustainable environment.

Embedded primarily at the overarching faculty research theme, heritage futures, HA’s research also contributes to other research themes whenever related to heritage.