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Research Stories

Acoustic control of your environment


The sound absorbers of the prototype make us of the principle of Passive Destructive Interference (PDI). According to PDI, interfering sound waves that are in counter-phase are self-cancelled. To achieve this self-cancellation, series of tubes in varying lengths and diameters are used...

From question to query: GIS for impact assessment


While already since a couple of decades GIS has proven to benefit Impact Assessment, in

practice it is used roughly in one out of two assessments. In GIS, the dominance of system

commands over information contents only widens the gap between the two...

Showcase 'P-lab: urban raw materials in a small-scale circular economy


Arjan van Timmeren, professor of Environmental Technology and Design, is investigating how materials ‘flow’ through cities and how the lifecycle of materials – from raw material to waste to raw material – can be made more efficient. One of...