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MSc Thesis Topics & Extra Projects

A number of Master thises are available in the IEPG research group. The document below shows the most recently available topics for research, along with contact persons and a summary of the thesis content.

(Last Updated: November 2023). 

MSc topics

The next MSc matchmaking event will be held in person on November 15, 2023, between 12:30 and 14:00 in the corridor 3rd floor.

You can find all recent master theses on the TU Delft education repository.

Regarding the Digital Twin topic: Below you can also find some earlier MSc theses from the IEPG group. We selected these thises to illustrate how close the MSc topic on Digital Twin may look like. A major part of the work in these thises was modeling of the electricity grid:

Thesis 1:

Thesis 2:

Thesis 3:

Thesis 4:

Thesis 5:

Thesis 6:

Thesis 7:

Thesis 8:

Thesis 9:


N.B. Students from outside of TU Delft will only be considered under special circumstances.