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Starting in 1969, the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering grew from a school with modest means, a few lecturers and two students into an international teaching and research institution in design. Matching the speed of technological development with evolution of people and needs of our global society. In our jubilee year 2019, we look back at our history and forward to the future. 

Jubilee Symposium: Impact

Over the last 50 years the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering has grown into an acclaimed institute for design research and education, with over 6500 graduates. This year we are celebrating our 50th anniversary and on 14 November 2019 we marked this special milestone with a symposium, called ‘Impact’.

Since the genesis of our faculty in 1969, technology has progressed at an astonishing rate. As design engineers, it’s always been our job to create technology that improves lives, but our job is evolving. Today we must deal with increasing levels of complexity and rise to the challenge of designing systems and organisations that help people adapt to and use emerging technology. For the design community to truly have impact and solve the problems we face globally, we have to match the revolution of technology with the evolution of people.

Impact’ focused on the responsibility of designers in shaping our future world. It was organised around the three main research themes: Sustainability, Mobility and Health; read more about our speakers.

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