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Ir. Geer, S.G. van de

Lecturer, Industrial Design, Design Aesthetics.

Em. Prof. dr. ir. Geraedts, J.M.P.

Professor of New Mechatronic Design. Expertise: Additive manufacturing, 3D printing, Human-Robot interaction, Fine Arts

Dr. Ghodrat, S.

Assistant professor, Design Engineering. Expertise: Materials Testing Properties and Characterization Techniques, Shape Memory Materials, Additive Manufacturing, Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue

Prof. dr. Giaccardi, E.

Professor of Interactive Media Design. Expertise: Design research, Interaction design, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Social media

MSc. Gielen, M.A.

Assistant Professor Industrial Design. Expertise: Design for children's play, Participation of children in design, Contextmapping techniques

Ir. Gieles, S.H.

Lecturer Industrial Design Engineering. Expertise: Design, Conceptualisation, Applied aesthetics, Interior design, Spatial design

Ir. Godfroij, B.K.

PhD researcher. Expertise: Collaboration, Co-design, Service Design, Participatory techniques

Dr. Gonçalves, M.G.

Lecturer Product Innovation Management. Expertise: Creativity, Creative problem solving, Inspiration, Design Cognition, Design methodology, Design thinking, Visual communication

Prof. dr. ir. Goossens, R.H.M.

Professor of Physical Ergonomics. Expertise: Healthcare, Biomechanics, Physical ergonomics

MSc. Goto, L.

PhD candidate Applied Ergonomics and Design. Expertise: Medisign, User-centered design, 3D Anthropometry

MSc. Groeneveld, B.

PhD candidate Applied Ergonomics and Design. Expertise: Medical design, Tailoring

Grondelle, E.D. van

Associate Professor. Expertise: Automotive Design (Styling), Strategy Design, Design processes, Design methods, Future human mobility

Haagsman, E.M.

Lecturer Design Aesthetics. Expertise: Design, Applied Aesthetics, Design methods, Design techniques

Ir. Hao, C.

PhD candidate Industrial Design. Design Conceptualization and Communication. Expertise: Contextual user research, Contextmapping, Co-design, Cultura, Design tools and techniques

Dr. Hartcher-O'Brien, J.

Assistant professor Product Innovation Management. Expertise: Haptics, Haptic design, Multisense, Touch

MSc. Heijne, K.G.

Lecturer Design, Organisation and Strategy. Expertise: Creative Facilitation, Education, Learning, Co-design, Co-creation

Prof. dr. Hekkert, P.P.M.

Professor of Form Theory. Expertise: Product experience, Aesthetics, visual and cross-sensory, Figurative meaning, product expression, Design methods, vision in design, design for social change

Ing. Helm, A.J.C. van der

Lecturer/Researcher Industrial Design. Expertise: Interactive technology design, Software engineering

Dr. ir. van den Hende, E.A.

Assistant professor Product Innovation Management. Expertise: New Product Innovations, Concept and prototype testing, Storytelling, Marketing

MSc. Henze, L.A.R.

PhD candidate Design Conceptualization and Communication. Expertise: Design Research, Human Centered Design, Usability, Usability testing, Boundary objects

Dr. ir. Hiemstra-van Mastrigt, S.

Post-doctoral researcher Mechatronic Design. Expertise: Mobility, passenger experience, comfort, seat design, public transport, aviation, people in transit

MSc. Hilhorst, D.

PhD candidate Design Conceptualization and Communication. Expertise: 3D printing, Multi-Material 3D printing, Design for Additive Manufacturing

Ir. eur.erg. Hoekstra, G.P.M.

Lecturer/Researcher Industrial Design. Expertise: Human Factors, Ergonomics, Participatory ergonomics

MSc. Hoftijzer, J.W.

Coordinator design drawing education IDE. Expertise: Visual communication, Sketching, Do it yourself (DIY), Design drawing

Prof. dr. Horváth, I.

Professor of Computer Aided Design Engineering. Expertise: Fundamentals of cyber-physical systems, Cognitive engineering of cyber-physical systems, Research methodologies for smart systems and applications, Applied systems science and engineering, Philosophical aspects of design, Computer support of conceptual design, Mobile, ubiquitous and smart learning technologies

Prof. dr. Hultink, H.J.

Professor of New Product Marketing, Head of Product Innovation Management Department. Expertise: Launch strategies, New product performance, Time to market strategies for new industrial products, IT usage, New product effectiveness, Organizing for new product development

Dr. Huysmans, T.

Assistant professor Applied Ergonomics and Design. Expertise: 3D anthropometry, Physical ergonomics, Biomedical image processing, Biomedical geometry processing

MSc. Ingemarsdotter, E.K.

PhD candidate. Expertise: Circular Product Design, Internet of Things

Em. Prof. dr. Jakimowicz, J.J.

Professor of Safety in Health care Department Design Engineering, section Applied Ergonomics and Design

Dr. Jamsin, E.

Assistant professor Design for Sustainability. Expertise: Circular economy and sustainability, Computational models of complex systems, Systemic design, Internet of Things

Dr. ir. Jansen, A.J.

Lecturer Design Engineering. Expertise: Sports, Sports Innovation, Human powered energy systems

Prof. dr. ir. Jansen, K.M.B.

Professor of Emerging Materials. Expertise: Wearables, Smart materials, Emerging materials, Interactive materials, Integration of emerging materials in design

Dr. Ir. Jaskiewicz, T.J.

Assistant Professor (tenure track) Industrial Design. Expertise: Design methodology, Highly iterative design processes, Design Tornado model, Interactive Prototyping, Smart buildings, Smart cities

MSc. Jellema, A.H.

Lecturer/researcher Industrial Design. Expertise: Ergonomics, Human factors, 3D scanning, Anthropometrics, 3D body scanning, Virtual fit mapping, Digital Human Modeling (DHM)

Dr. Ir. Jong, A.M. de

Assistant Professor Human Information Communication Design. Expertise: Sustainable Living, Design research

MSc. Jonge, F.M. de

Lecturer Product Innovation Management. Expertise: Brand strategy, Design strategy, Brand experience design

Ir. Joustra, J.J.

PhD candidate Circular Product Design. Expertise: Composite materials, Circular Product Design

MSc. Jung, J.

PhD candidate, Design, Organisation and Strategy, Management and Organisation

Em. Prof. Kandachar, P.V.

Professor of Sustainable Materials and Manufacturing Technology Industrial Design Engineering

Dr. Karana, E.

Associate Professor Emerging Materials, Design Engineering. Expertise: Materials Design, Material driven design, bio-based materials, Materials experience

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