Request Graduation Workplace

IDE workplace for graduating students

At this moment, COVID-19-measures are still in place at the Faculty of IDE. The number of students that is allowed in the building at the same time is limited to 20% of the total IDE student population. 

Next to allowing some campus activities for courses, we’ve managed to reserve 30 workplaces for IDE graduating students. 

If you are an IDE student who is doing a graduation project and if you do not have a workplace at your client’s office, you can request for a graduation workplace at the Faculty. 

What will we offer? 

  • A small room with workplaces for 2, 4, 6 or 8 graduating students
  • A workplace for 1 or 2 days per week
  • The workplace will be assigned for a maximum of 20 weeks
  • The assigned workplace can be used between 9.30 and 16.30 hrs. 

How can you apply for such a workplace? 

By filling in the form ‘Request for a Graduation Workplace at the IDE Faculty’ and sending it to the

Please take into account that allocation of workplaces depends on availability. If no workplaces are available when your request is received, you will be put on a ‘waiting list’. Also, in the rooms it is important to commit to COVID-19 measures: only be there at the agreed time, stay at home when you don’t feel well, keep your distance, and clean your desk at the start and end of your working day. Only then graduation can be regarded as a ‘scheduled activity’ for which we are allowed to open our Faculty building.