Terms and conditions

  • You are not expected to pay a tuition fee to your host university, you will only need to pay your TU Delft tuition fee to stay enrolled.
  • TU Delft has the right to withdraw the STIR fund or to demand (partial or whole) repayment of sums already paid, in case an external grant is awarded to the student.
  • You must keep TU Delft informed of the outcome of any external grant applications.
  • You are to refrain from engaging in activities of a political and/or commercial nature during your time abroad that could damage the reputation of TU Delft.
  • You are expected to carry out promotional activities on behalf of TU Delft at the partner university
  • You will submit/upload a travel report within three months of completing your courses abroad.
  • You agree that your travel report will be published on the partneruniversities.tudelft.nl so that other students can benefit from your experience for 3 years. This is a protected website that can only be accessed by TU Delft students and staff.
  • If you wish to revoke this approval before your travel report is posted on the website, please email contactcentre-esa@tudelft.nl. This cannot be revoked retroactively.
  • You agree to inform the TU Delft Education Service Centre immediately if you are unable to attend the entire study or research project, or terminate is earlier.
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