Humans of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science

Amira Elnouty

Being able to work in a dedicated teaching team is very motivating

Due to the increasing popularity of the Bachelor’s degree programme Computer Science and Engineering, a dedicated teaching team has been set-up. Amira Elnouty is one of the eight new teachers within the two computer science departments.

Amira, who has her origins in Egypt, started on 1 July 2018 as a teacher of Signal Processing. Later this year she will also be teaching Image Processing/ Multimedia.

“Being able to work in a dedicated teaching team is very motivating. It helped me a lot to get settled in at TU Delft,” Amira explains. “Being a teacher can sometimes be a lonely profession, but here at Delft, the teaching team is really there for each other and it is nice to have a community to share experiences with. As a teacher, for instance, I am looking for feedback from my students. The more interaction within the classroom the better I perform. What I experienced though was that the students were quite shy. This is where the help from colleagues has proven to be valuable. Together we shared best practices, for instance on how to create more interaction within the classroom. I really like the TU Delft environment: it is pushing and helping people to be more creative. And being a teacher and transferring your knowledge and passion is very rewarding. I do something that I really like!”