Graduation opportunities

The projects / assignments in this list have not been screened or approved by the faculty yet. The descriptions are as submitted by clients. Students should actively examine whether it will be possible to develop a project into a suitable Graduation Assignment.

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Graduation opportunities

2020-02-19 | Graduation Opportunity New Value Proposition, Philips Avent

Philips is looking for a graduate who is excited to combine future trends with Philips' strategic direction and help to design new value propositions for the new generation parent. This could be a new product, as well as a new service, business model or partnership.

2020-02-13 | Graduation opportunity LCA-based design guide, TU Delft

Graduation opportunity for a student who is interested in researching and developing a LCA-based design guide that can help avoid greenwashing and point out priorities for sustainable design.

2020-02-13 | Graduation Opportunity Medisign, Erasmus MC

The Erasmus MC is offering a graduation opportunity for medisign students who are interested in developing a set-up in which the generation, expansion and storage of iPSCs (induced pluripotent stem cells) are automated.

2020-02-13 | Graduation Opportunity Green 3D printing materials, TU Delft

The TU Delft faculty is looking for a student to help create a sustainable design guide based on life cycle assessments of different product categories.

2020-02-13 | Afstudeeropdracht C2C Marktplaatsen, DHL

DHL is op zoek naar een afstudeerder die onderzoek wilt doen naar mogelijkheden voor DHL in de C2C markt.

2020-01-27 | Graduation Opportunity New Interaction Paradigms for Behaving Things, Studiolab TU Delft

The Studiolab offers a graduation opportunity for a student interested in rich interactions between people and 'behaving things'

2020-01-20 | Graduation Opportunity, Slamp Lighting

Slamp is looking for a graduate who is excited to explore implementation of alternative energy sources in order to support innovation in contemporary light design.

2020-01-10 | Proposal for IDE master assignment Delft London Design Lab, Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design & TU Delft

The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design and the TU Delft Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering are looking for a graduate to design a meaningful health innovation for different stakeholders in the context of the shift of healthcare delivery from hospital to home/primary care.

2020-01-10 | Graduation Opportunity, Philips

Philips is looking for a graduate (and open to his/her own assignment proposal) to help in their transformation towards a service-based business, by fostering a consistent customer-centric approach along their end-to-end services development process, and by leveraging academic knowledge to improve their performance and best practices.

2019-12-20 | Personalized Foot Bed for Safety Shoes based on Worker Activity, Bata Industrials

Bata Industrials is looking for a graduate to investigate the opportunities of a personalized foot bed for safety shoes, and develop an approach for design of a custom foot bed, based on information of the foot in motion.

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