Graduation opportunities

The projects / assignments in this list have not been screened or approved by the faculty yet. The descriptions are as submitted by clients. Students should actively examine whether it will be possible to develop a project into a suitable Graduation Assignment.

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Graduation opportunities

2019-02-13 | Head and body cooling for the Dutch national field hockey goalies, TU Delft

TU Delft is looking for a graduate to develop and evaluate a cooling solution for the Dutch national field hockey goalies, primarily by applying PCM in the helmet and behind the body protector.

2019-02-13 | Exposing fraudulent and criminal transactions, iCOV

iCOV is looking for a graduate to design and test concepts intended to improve the user experience of conducting and communicating analysis of fraudulent and criminal activities.

2019-02-13 | Circular design of Philips medical products, Philips

Philips is looking for a graduate to assess and improve the repairability of the Philips consumer product portfolio.

2019-02-04 | Designing a circular economy roadmap for a new patient monitoring device, Philips

Philips is looking for a graduate to investigate the room for development of the circularity of a patient monitoring wearable device for 2020.

2019-02-04 | Awareness of contact isolation, Amsterdam UMC

Amsterdam UMC is looking for a graduate to redesign the care information path of patients in contact isolation, in which patients have a more active role.

2019-01-31 | Design of On-The-Skin Interface Material, TU Delft

The emerging materials lab is looking for a graduate to come up with ideas of possible applications of on-the-skin interface material, to find out how people perceive these new ways of interacting, and to build a demonstrator device.

2019-01-31 | De BNO zoekt leden, BNO

De BNO is op zoek naar een afstudeerder om een propositie te ontwerpen die leidt tot aansluiting van nieuwe leden bij de BNO, op basis van perceptie, behoeften en opties voor ontwerpers en bureaus, waarbij rekening gehouden wordt met wat de BNO nu is en doet.

2019-01-28 | There is a way to do it better - Find it, ONE HUNDRED

ONE HUNDRED is looking for a graduate to help develop an integrated health and well-being experience regarding the restroom of the future.

2019-01-28 | Smart bathroom maid, TU Delft

The Cyber-Physical Systems Design research group is looking for a graduate to explore the tasks that can be assigned to a smart bathroom maid, as well as develop a concept of such a system, considering its functionality, feasibility, operation, embedding and servicing.

2019-01-28 | Fiets Cockpit Roadmap, Gazelle

Gazelle is op zoek naar een afstudeerder om de ‘fiets cockpit’ van de toekomst te ontwerpen, door te kijken naar het fietsstuur en hoe deze zich zal ontwikkelen als nieuwe technologieën, gemak en veiligheid optimaal gebalanceerd zijn.

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