Graduation opportunities

The projects / assignments in this list have not been screened or approved by the faculty yet. The descriptions are as submitted by clients. Students should actively examine whether it will be possible to develop a project into a suitable Graduation Assignment.

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Graduation opportunities

Extra Graduation opportunities during COVID-19

The initiation of a graduation project could not be more challenging during the period that COVID-19-measures are in place. The faculty has increased its number of internal research projects for graduation. Click here to go to the living document with extra graduation opportunities.

2021-03-24 | Graduation Opportunity Design for Repair scorescard, TU Delft

The goal of this graduation project is to research and develop a repair scorecard which quantifies the amount of saved financial value and/or time by repairing a product.

2021-03-24 | Graduation Opportunity Compostable plant supports, WPT Biobased

Plant clips and other plastic supports pollute the green waste. The aim of this project is to develop new material combinations out of circular streams and design plant supports out of this material.

2021-03-17 | Graduation Opportunity UX Audio Guidance, Philips

The goal of this graduation project is to explore how audio assistance embedded in the Lumea app can improve the user experience. By research, coming up with an integrated UX design, developing a prototype and executing user tests to validate the concept.

2021-03-11 | Afstudeeropdracht Klimaatneutraal droogproces in de Agribusiness, Hartog Lucerne

The goal of this graduation project is to develop a solution through which the agricultural process of drying grass to hay becomes climate neutral.

2021-03-08 | Graduation Opportunity Road water management system for emerging economies, Witteveen en Bos

The goal of this graduation project is to develop a new road water management system in the form of road-side urban drains.

2021-03-08 | Afstudeeropdracht Traplift, Handicare

Het doel van dit afstudeerproject is om een universele stoel te ontwerpen voor trapliften die inblend met het interieur en niet op een medisch product lijkt.

2021-03-08 | Afstudeeropdracht Knie-artrose, ArthroSave

Het doel van dit afstudeerproject is om een single-use knieprothese te ontwikkelen.

2021-02-25 | Graduation Opportunity REimagening Library collections with Creative communities (RELIC), Future Libraries Lab

This graduation project seeks to explore new ways for creative individuals to utilize digital materials held in public libraries in the Netherlands and abroad.

2021-02-25 | Afstudeeropdracht Ontwikkeling app voor gebruikers met gehoorproblemen, Erasmus MC

The goal of this graduation project is to to design a smartphone application for audiology clinical practice to improve hearing care.

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