Graduation opportunities

The projects / assignments in this list have not been screened or approved by the faculty yet. The descriptions are as submitted by clients. Students should actively examine whether it will be possible to develop a project into a suitable Graduation Assignment.

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Graduation opportunities

2022-05-15 | Graduation assignment Strategic Project for SPD student, Guidion

The goal of this graduation project is to design a vision and positioning statement that truly represents the brand and the opportunities for a one-stop-shop-concept that adds value to people, the environment and Guidions organization.

2022-05-15 | Graduation assignment Design Thinking, Kraaijvanger

Kraaijvanger is looking for a student that will work on analyzing the stakeholders and user participation methods used until now and improving it with the knowledge gained in the study Industrial Design. The result would be a custom made method that can be used and further developed in different projects.

2022-04-30 | Graduation Opportunity Well-informed patients during long-term sick leave, Amsterdam UMC TU Delft

One of the identified opportunities for improvement within the workfocused healthcare journey is better information provision regarding the role and responsibilities. You might think that information like this will be provided, or can easily be found online, but it turns out to be more difficult!

2022-04-30 | Graduation Opportunity Innovating client journey in Sickness Benefit Act UWV, Amsterdam UMC TUDelft

The aim of this graduation project is to draw-up the client journey of clients in the sickness benefit process receiving assessment. The goal is to identify various routes of clients in order to identify for which client groups more guidance is needed and for which guidance within a SMC can be of added-value to contribute to the care provided within the SMCs.

2022-04-25 | Graduation Opportunity Ground handling of the Flying V, TU Delft and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

The goal of this graduation project is to assess how well the Flying V complies with existing ground handling infrastructure on present airports.

2022-03-29 | Graduation Opportunity Cortina Vision bike 2035, Kruitbosch

“Vision 2035” is a strategic project to sharp the focus of Kruitbosch, a service-oriented business and retail partner in (E-)bikes, parts and accessories. Kruitbosch believe that a vision can be created by looking at developments within the city, by focusing on the usage, and by combining this with the brand identity.

2022-03-23 | Graduation Opportunity Greenwashing!?, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam is looking for a graduate student who will propose a solution to inform and educate visitors about an exhibition on how designers and companies deal with materials against the background of the climate urgency, which is put together by The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

2022-03-09 | Graduation Opportunity Designing the VR Flying V interior, DLR Hamburg

DLR Hamburg in collaboration with Airbus, KLM and TU-Delft is looking for an IDE master student doing the master end project on the design of the Flying V interior.

2022-03-07 | Graduation Opportunity Investigating nipple behavior and breastpumping experience for personalization of breast pumps, Phillips

In this graduation project Philips would like to carefully investigate the body-product interaction of a breast milk supply and the cause of discomfort and/or lactation performance for personalization of breast pumps.

2022-03-07 | Graduation Opportunity Designing of Shark-Skin Inspired Lattice Structure for Drag Reduction, TU Delft

The main challenge of this project is to design and prototype modeled surface and shapes that mimic the surface pattern of shark skin and copies the superhydrophobic nature of it by 3D printing.

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