Housing Management

Adaptation of housing to changing societal needs depends to a large extent on redevelopment of the existing housing stock. Redevelopment strategies have to accommodate a variety of household preferences and means. Decreasing state support leads social housing providers to adopt more business-like principles. Housing investors expect more from contractors in housing development, refurbishment and maintenance, introducing new models of supply chain partnering in which contractors take on a much more leading role.

Additionally, many governments expect a growing role of households in providing and managing housing, as part of a wider trend towards self-organisation, (re)activation of the civil society and retrenchment of the welfare state. Thus, policy reforms and changing socio-economic circumstances have significant consequences for the organisational strategies employed by landlords, contractors and households. The chair of Housing Management studies organisational strategies for the management and redevelopment of the housing stock to increase the socioeconomic and environmental sustainability of our housing provision.