Massimo Mastrangeli

“I was working on miniature magnetic robots that should travel through your body and help you heal”

Massimo is a new tenure tracker within our Microelectronics department. He did his Masters in Pisa, where he could see the leaning tower from the lecture rooms.  He resided  in Leuven for his PhD, where he first learned some Dutch, and then moved to Lausanne, Bruxelles and Stuttgart for his Postdoc.

Massimo: “In Germany my Dutch got a bit entangled with the German, so now I read Dutch but can speak German. At the Max Planck Institute I was working on miniature magnetic robots that should travel through your body. With a controlled magnetic field applied to the robots, one could deliver medicines much more precisely than with established means. This sounds more scary then it needs to be. For one, it is less invasive than catheters, and it does less harm than the chemicals that you take in as medicine. Here at TU Delft I am working on organ-on-chips. This means we try to recreate little parts of the human body in realistic conditions over microfabricated substrates. We are mimicking the real deal, so we could skip animal testing completely in pre-clinical drug testing. It clearly is a highly multidisciplinary line of research. And there are still many challenges of course, both technological and communicational. For example, how we interact with biologists. They have their own jargon, as much as we engineers have ours, and we do not always understand each other easily! In my free time I like to run, read and play music, and you can see me walking around the canals of Delft on a Saturday morning.”